Enhance Intelligence in Just 7 Minutes a Day

with Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Dr. Pillai’s Philosophy
of Subtle Sound

The Science Behind Phonemic Intelligence

“When students can’t understand math or science or any other subject, don’t blame them, nor the teachers, nor the tutors. The problem lies in the inadequacies of certain areas of the brain associated with learning. Phonemic Intelligence activates those areas.” 

– Dr. Pillai

How Does PI Work?

Language which is comprised of words and sentences creates knowledge, but word and sentence based knowledge is conceptual and a priori.  Our highest intelligence is rooted in pre-linguistic phonemes which are like the strings and branes (string theory) of all intelligence.

Language, meaning, and knowledge – all spring from phonemes, and phonemes from intelligence. To use a phoneme, in effect, is to come face to face with the source of intelligence. It is the interconnection between phoneme and intelligence that kicks off the learning and comprehension process so fast in the student practitioners of PI. Our students have shown dramatic results in academic performance and improved behavior even within a two week period.

Improve Learning

Regulate Behavior

Cultivate Compassion

Pl has a unique approach to learning and social behavior.  PI attributes difficulties experienced in these areas to the learner’s brain anatomy and physiology. Generally, conventional educational research overlooks the importance of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral make-up of the student’s brain.

Defying the one-size-fits-all approach, Pl aims to improve the functionality of the student’s brain in all areas.

Easy to Use

Phonemic Intelligence can be practiced anywhere, at any time, in just 7 minutes a day to see results. It is simple to practice and requires no prerequisite training.

Across the globe, people of all ages and backgrounds have reported experiencing profound results in as little as two weeks.

Demonstrated Benefits

Pl practitioners of all ages have reported to us a significant and often dramatic improvement in academics, professional performance, enthusiasm for learning and harmonious behavior. A major impact of Pl is in the social and behavioral domain of awakening love, empathy, and compassion among practitioners.

Besides a feeling of self-fulfillment from their practice, Pl participants have reported greater social responsibility towards their family members and increased community involvement.

Some of the frequently reported improvements from PI practice are:

Improved academic & professional performance

Compassionate social behavior

Peaceful and optimistic outlook

Boost in confidence and self-esteem

Better concentration, comprehension, and focus

Relief from anxiety

Incidences of misbehavior are at an all-time low and there is a calmness that has permeated the building all year. My students are happy and appear to have the ability to problem solve in a more acceptable manner as well as articulate a deeper understanding of their feelings.
Lisa Fernandez

Principal, PS 119 Amersfort Peace Builders Brooklyn, NY

Before practicing Pl, I was unable to concentrate. I felt disturbed, and when I used to sit and study I used to either fall asleep or look outside the window and daydream. I used to study for no more than thirty minutes at a time. After practicing Pl, now I am able to study for at least two hours straight. I am now able to complete what I start.


11th Grade Student Goa, India

I used to have a lot of anxiety and not be able to slow down the thoughts in my mind. I have been practicing PI exercises almost every day for 3 years. The exercises make me feel calm immediately, and bring me to a state of peace. From this state of mind, it is easier to concentrate and focus.

Alice Moore

Actor and Singer, California