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Our Brainy Kids Will Change The World

The Super Kids Academy offers premier student enrichment programs loved by both students and parents alike. Our cutting-edge proprietary curriculum is the only one of its kind delivering neuroscience, phonemic intelligence, leadership development and support for traditional academics as necessary components of holistic student development.


Unique Technology of the Brain

The SKA complements classroom learning objectives and offers students fun and engaging ways to explore personal development as an extension of conventional education. The SKA uses our proprietary Phonemic Intelligence (Pl) technology researched at universities and institutions both in India and the US.

PI is a non-invasive, evidence-based technology that increases the blood flow of brain areas associated with intelligence and behavior.


Neuroscience for Students

SKA's Neuroscience for Students curriculum introduces students to key areas of their brain and associated functions. Fun activities such as crossword puzzles, search & find, mazes and anagrams reinforce learning objectives while engaging the student in a variety of cognitive skills.

Encouraging Leadership Development

Strategically developed Leadership Development Lessons encourage students to explore themselves and the world around them. Leadership and character building include activities on ways to become a good citizen, overcome obstacles, encourage independent thinking, communicate effectively, increase positive self-identity, develop good manners and make healthy choices.



“When students can’t understand math or science or any other subject, don’t blame them, nor the teachers, nor the tutors. The problem lies in the inadequacies of certain areas of the brain associated with learning. Phonemic Intelligence activates those areas.” 

– Dr. Pillai, Founder of SIP



Improve Learning

Regulate Behavior

Cultivate Compassion

PI has a unique approach to learning and social behavior.  PI attributes difficulties experienced in these areas to the learner’s brain anatomy and physiology. Generally, conventional educational research overlooks the importance of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral make-up of the student’s brain.

Defying the one-size-fits-all approach, PI aims to improve the functionality of the student’s brain in all areas.


What People Are Saying

I used to have a lot of anxiety and not be able to slow down the thoughts in my mind. I have been practicing SIP exercises almost everyday for 3 years. The exercises make me feel calm immediately, and bring me to a state of peace. From this state of mind, it is easier to concentr...

Alice Moore

Before practicing SIP, I was unable to concentrate. I felt disturbed, and when I used to sit and study I used to either fall asleep or look outside the window and daydream. I used to study for no more than thirty minutes at a time. After practicing SIP, now I am able to study for...


Incidences of misbehavior are at an all-time low and there is a calmness that has permeated the building all year. My students are happy and appear to have the ability to problem solve in a more acceptable manner as well as articulate a deeper understanding of their feelings.

Lisa Fernandez