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PI is not simply a brain-training program. Besides enhancing the intellectual intelligence of the brain, Pl activates the anterior cingulate and the Von Economo neurons located in the anterior cingulate. Von Economo neurons are neurons of compassion. Schools practicing PI have reported dramatic changes in the behavior of the students. ”

– Dr. Pillai

PI and Brain Activation

Phonemes stimulate neuronal activity and strengthen the brain. PI techniques increase connectivity, and by the mechanism of neuroplasticity create new neural pathways, increasing intelligence. Through the use of pre-linguistic phonemes, the brain develops non-linear, non-linguistic forms of thought – enhancing intuition, innovation and creativity.

PI techniques focus on activating 5 targeted areas of the brain.

PI and brain activation

Five Categories of Brain Wave Patterns

Our brains are made up of brain cells called neurons. There are millions of neurons sending electrical signals throughout your brain at any given time. This energy can actually be detected and studied using medical equipment like the EEG (electroencephalography). The EEG is able to graph electrical activity of your brain, providing what is called a brain-wave pattern. Brain wave patterns are typically categorized in five ways.

Delta (0 – 4 HERTZ)

Deep sleep, loss of body awareness

Theta (4 – 8 HERTZ)

Dreaming sleep (REM), increased production of catecholamines and creativity

Alpha (8 – 12 HERTZ)

Relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production

Beta (12 – 40 HERTZ)

Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition

Gamma (40 -100 HERTZ)

Burst of insight, high-level information processing

World-Class EEG Brain Study

Research conducted at Brain Science International by co-founder Jay Gunkelman confirmed that PI activates a key area of the brain known as the Anterior Cingulate, which acts as a fulcrum that controls the activity between the frontal lobes and limbic system and also houses a special class of super-intelligent neurons called Von Economo neurons.

Research and Data Summary

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