Super Intelligence Program

Every Child Is A High Achiever

The Super Intelligence Program (SIP) is a brain-based breakthrough in educational technology of the 21st century. Within seconds, SIP increases the blood flow of brain areas associated with intelligence and behavior. After a few weeks of SIP practice, students have demonstrated remarkable achievement in academics as well as good behavior.

The SIP uses our proprietary Phonemic IntelligenceSM (Pl) technology researched at universities and institutions both in India and the US.

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Dr. Pillai's Philosophy
of Subtle Sound

The Science Behind Phonemic Intelligence

“When students can’t understand math or science or any other subject, don’t blame them, nor the teachers, nor the tutors… Who would you blame, then? The Brain The problem lies in low activation in areas associated with learning (math, science, etc.), as well as behavioral traits. The SIP dramatically increases the activities in the aforesaid areas.” 

– Dr. Pillai

Demonstrated Benefits

The SlP students have demonstrated significant improvement in academic performance, interest in learning and harmonious classroom behavior.  Besides being self-fulfilled, practitioners of Pl demonstrate greater social responsibility towards their family members and communities.

Boost in Self-Confidence


Reduced Anxiety


Improved Self-Regulatory Skills


Increased Focus


Reduced Stress


Increased Compassion


Improved Concentration


Optimized Learning Outcomes

The SIP Difference

What Makes a Super Intelligence Program Different?

Traditional educational programs largely overlook the importance of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral make-up of the student’s brain, which is a key factor in student performance. The SIP addresses all these 3 issues at their origin point and is the only educational technology that addresses and improves the student’s brain functionality.

Testimonials from school principals, teachers and parents acknowledge remarkable improvement in academic performance and behavior in classroom and out of classroom environments. Besides a feeling of self-fulfillment from their practice, Pl practitioners have reported greater interest in social responsibility and increased community involvement.


Currently partnering with public and private schools

7-minute daily practice

Simple and appropriate for kindergarten through college-age students

Supports existing core curriculum

PI techniques are age appropriate and can be used progressively

Support From PI Master Trainers

What is a SIP for Schools?

SIP works with schools to train students and teachers to use PI modules in approx. 7 minutes a day alongside the natural flow of core curriculum.  We offer schools ongoing support to achieve targeted goals and measure results.

Who Should Use PI?

The phonemes (sounds) used in Pl are applicable for all age groups and have been selected for improving academic performance, as well as personal and social behavior. PI can benefit all students- including struggling students and exceptional students with higher IQ’s.

How Does PI Work?

Pl for children uses strategic hand placements on key areas of the head and eyes while focusing the sounds in targeted parts of the brain, activating their unique functionalities. PI taps into hidden intelligence that cannot be discovered through traditional learning.

SIP Curriculum

The SIP has 2 curriculum types to suit the needs of schools based on their profile and student achievement goals. The SIP PremierSM curriculum includes SIP StandardSM curriculum components plus additions and different delivery modules.


Students and teachers are trained by highly qualified SIP Master Trainers with advanced degrees, as well as prior experience in education. Pl training usually takes anywhere between 2-5 days based on the size of each school’s student population.

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