“When students can’t understand math or science or any other subject, don’t blame them, nor the teachers, nor the tutors… Who would you blame, then? The Brain The problem lies in low activation in areas associated with learning (math, science, etc.), as well as behavioral traits. The SIP dramatically increases the activities in the aforesaid areas.” 

– Dr. Pillai

A New Approach to Academic Learning

Super Kids Academy Tutoring offers premier virtual academic tutoring combined with personalized coaching of a Phonemic Intelligence (PI) practice from qualified teaching professionals.

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Dr. Pillai's Philosophy
of Subtle Sound

The Science Behind Phonemic Intelligence

Go Beyond Conventional Learning

Phonemic Intelligence (PI) is a non-invasive, brain-based student training program that can significantly improve learning, behavior and overall student achievement.

PI uses a proprietary blend of phonemic sounds, hand placements and concentration exercises to active key parts of the brain.

Conventional teaching methodologies often overlook the importance of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral make-up of the student’s brain.

PI’s unique approach to learning and behavior attributes difficulties experienced in these areas to the learner’s brain anatomy and physiology. Within seconds, PI can increase the blood flow of brain areas associated with intelligence and behavior.  Learn more about the science behind Phonemic Intelligence.

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Benefits For All Students

Super Kids Academy Tutoring can benefit all students- including struggling students and students with higher IQ’s.


Successfully Progress In School


Improve Independent Learning


Develop Good Study Skills


Maintain Advanced Placement Classes


Increase Confidence and Reduce Anxiety


Support Homeschool Curriculum


Prepare For Testing Or Entrance Exams


Increase Proficiency In A Targeted Subject

PI Academic Tutoring Curriculum

Phonemic Intelligence

  • Pl uses phonemic sounds, hand placements and concentration exercises to active key parts of the brain
  • Students begin with a global brain activation practice and receive additional PI modules targeted to individual goals
  • PI practice takes between 7-15 minutes each day
  • Daily practice tools are delivered in an online module

Neuroscience For Kids

  • Introduces students to key areas of the brain- the location and associated functions
  • Helps students relate their brain and brain health to their personal and academic goals
  • Provides students with engaging, supplemental neuroscience activities for independent use
  • Develops student enthusiasm for daily PI practice and benefits

Academic Tutoring

  • Personalized to focus on subjects with the greatest opportunity for growth
  • Allows students to work on class projects or homework with a tutor
  • Teaches important study skills that support overall learning and comprehension
  • Encourages students to take pride in their work
  • Supports test preparation and intensives on challenging concepts that require additional learning time

How Does Private Tutoring Work?


Parents receive a 30-minute orientation with a PI Coordinator to discuss student objectives


Students are matched with a professional PI Tutor based on academic needs


Students meet once to twice weekly with their tutor virtually via Skype


Sessions are approx. 45 minutes and include all 3 curriculum components


Students receive access to an online PI Module to support daily PI practice


Students keep a notebook of session instruction to support ongoing school work


Tutors may send additional support materials and videos via email as appropriate


Parents may meet with a PI Coordinator at any time to discuss student development


Enrollment and tuition is processed monthly

The Biggest Gift You Can Give A Child
Is A Great Brain!

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