“When students can’t understand math or science or any other subject, don’t blame them, nor the teachers, nor the tutors… Who would you blame, then? The Brain The problem lies in low activation in areas associated with learning (math, science, etc.), as well as behavioral traits. The SIP dramatically increases the activities in the aforesaid areas.” 

– Dr. Pillai

Every Child Is A Leader

Every child has the potential to be a leader and live a life aligned with their highest purpose.

Give your child the best start possible with the tools to become proactive, problem-solve, team build, communicate effectively, self-regulate behavior and think without limits.

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Dr. Pillai's Philosophy
of Subtle Sound

The Science Behind Phonemic Intelligence

Unique Technology of the Brain

Unique to Super Kids Academy programs is Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic lntelligence (Pl) technology.

Phonemic Intelligence includes non-invasive, brain-based practices that use phonemes (micro sounds) and concentration techniques to activate key areas of the brain for learning and behavior. This evidence based technology has been empowering kids with their very own tool to learn better and feel better for over 20 years.

 Super Kids Start Early

Childhood is particularly important for brain development due to the brain’s superior plasticity.  A child’s brain is like a sponge, constantly absorbing sensory data that comes from their environment and experiences.

For this reason, childhood is considered a crucial stage of development to maximize learning, as well as social and emotional abilities.

 Micro Sounds’ Secret Power

Like the microwave oven, the Micro Sounds work fast. Microwaves use short wavelengths. Likewise, Micro Sounds use short syllables like AH and EE to activate important learning centers in the brain within seconds.

Phonemic Intelligence (PI) is the only technology to use Micro Sounds to activate intelligence.

Unlock Intelligence

What is Intelligence? Intelligence is the ability to understand different subjects such as math, science, language, etc.

Where is Intelligence Located? Intelligence is located in the different parts of the brain. For instance, math understanding is in the Angular Gyrus area and the Intraparietal Sulcus area (Stanford).

How to Activate Intelligence Areas? The intelligence areas are activated by blood flow and by producing certain types of brain waves.

How do Micro Sounds (PI) Activate the Brain? Research by U.S. scientists has shown that PI sounds activate the key intelligence areas of the brain: Math, Language, Memory, Decision Making

Breaking Boundaries

While conventional education is often bound by academic subject matter, PI Leadership Development offers a unique approach to a child’s holistic development.

Understanding that brain functionality has a direct relationship to a child’s success or struggle, our proprietary curriculum combines phonemic intelligence, neuroscience basics for kids and personal coaching to understand and apply leadership skills.

Targeted Outcome Areas


Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem


Peaceful & Optimistic Outlook


Effective Communication


Heightened Comprehension & Focus


Cultivate Healthy Relationships


Efficient Time Management


Improve Etiquette & Manners


Compassion & Empathy


Self-Sufficiency & Independence


A Proactive Mindset


How Does Private Coaching Work?


Parents attend an assessment session with a PI Coordinator to discuss student objectives


Students are matched with a PI Leadership Development coach based on scheduling needs


Students meet once to twice weekly with their coach virtually via Skype


Sessions are approx. 45 minutes and include all 3 curriculum components


Students receive access to an online PI Module to support daily PI practice


Students receive Neuroscience Activities and Leadership Development Lessons to print out for personal workbook


Coaches may send additional support materials and videos via email as appropriate


Parents may meet with a PI Coordinator at any time to discuss student development


Enrollment and tuition is processed on a month-by-month basis

The Biggest Gift You Can Give A Child
Is A Great Brain!

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