Phonemic Intelligence is untaught Intelligence. It’s not only untaught, it is unlimited intelligence. If you have this, you can develop any specific type of intelligence like Math, Physics, Chemistry.”

– Dr. Pillai

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Music as Sound Therapy

The effects of music on the human condition are well-known. Music as therapy is something that we can all relate to. How often have we listened to our favorite music at times of stress or trouble and been able to instantly uplift or calm our emotions? The limbic... read more

New Neurons and You

The process of the birth of new neurons in the brain from neutral stem cells and progenitor cells is referred to as neurogenesis. Although this process is most active during the pre-natal development stage, new research confirms that the adult brain is also active in... read more

2 Tips for Using Sound as a Health Benefit

From musical rhythms to spoken words, the sound vibrations you hear every day affect you. Music, in particular, has been shown to organize the brain, at both a cellular and a psychological level. Music is to the brain what exercise is to the body; think of it as a... read more