Brain Based Education

Brain Based Education for

Improving Your Children’s

Maths and Science Test Scores

Genius Summer Course For All Students

April 16 – 20, 2018 (IST)

New Science-Based Genius Program To Help Your Child Activate Hidden Brain Power


Brain Based Education for Improving Your Children’s
Maths and Science Scores


If your children are not doing well in maths or science, it is not because the teachers are bad or the students are bad. The problem is that the math brain is not working.

Where is the math/ computer science brain? Math/ computer science understanding is in a part of the brain called the intraparietal sulcus (IPS).
When the IPS doesn’t function optimally, it results in dyscalculia, which is the inability to understand math and computer science problems.

Research has proven that a few seconds of practicing Phonemic Intelligence (PI)
can activate the math/computer science brain. Additionally, PI can also activate attention span. Testimonials from students from Goa and Pune have shown that students’ attention span of reading has improved from 1 hour to 4 hours, without problem.

Attention and concentration are key factors in learning and understanding of different subjects. Where is attention located in the brain? It is all over the cortex. However, the attention brain primarily is the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). The ACC can also detect errors. Error detection is an important functionality of the ACC, which is helpful in solving multiple choice questions.

Feedback on PI Program

Did You Know?

  • Every child is born as a genius with 100 billion brain cells
  • Students fail because their brain is not working properly
  • If you don’t use your brain power, you will lose it
  • It is possible to activate brain power within seconds with special genius techniques based on Phonemic Intelligence sm

Benefits of Genius Summer Course

  • Fast Learning
  • Genius Level Thinking
  • Memory Power
  • Concentration
  • Comprehension
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mathematical Intelligence
  • Logical Thinking Skills
  • Exam Stress Management
  • Creativity

Course Activities

  • Learn the secret of genius intelligence
  • Know about your brain’s hidden power
  • Practice genius activation techniques
  • How to study smarter and save time
  • Group activities to develop leadership skills
  • Develop a daily PI genius activation practice
  • Be inspired by the life stories of world’s geniuses

Special Bonuses

  • One parent’s participation is FREE with one child. Please come and learn along with your child. This will benefit
    the entire family
  • International Certificate will be issued for each student by American International Academy India Pvt. Ltd on
    completion of this summer course

To Register, Contact Your Class Teacher
MS. Tejeswini Rajput: +91- 83800 33354
MS. Anita Nair: +91- 83800 33356
Batch 2 for State Board: April 16 – 20, 2018 (IST)
Duration: 3 Hours Daily

Venue: Priyadarshani School, Survey No. 226,
Behind SandvikColony, Dighi Road, Bhosari
Pune – 411039